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Article printed in the Colorado State Equine Science Newsletter!

 Dale Pederson Clinic
 April Beach Trip!
 George Morris Clinic 2011!!!!
We are so proud of our girls and horses that rode in the George Morris clinic this year!  The amazing facility in Fallbrook proved to be challeging....but our girls and horses conquered the field and the grueling clinic NO problem!!!  
Excellent riding Carlee Roberts and Amanda Moller!!!
 Nov 1-6, 2011.  GSDHJA Championship Horse Show.
Del Mar Fairgrounds
What an incredible year end show!!!  Despite some wet, cold weather our horses and riders were amazing and came home with MANY top placings!!!

  • Take Notice and Kendra Kutina were absolutely on their "A" game!!! They were Champion on Wed night in the 3' Open Jumpers competing against a huge field filled with professionals which also earned them the overall year end Championship in the entire division!!!!  Then they also earned first and Champion by having a blazing fast jump-off in the Childrens jumper class!  And then to top it all off they earned one more Championship in the hunt teams class by being part of the Moo Crew!
  • Amanda Moller and Why I'm Famous were also stellar all week long......they were Reserve Champions in both the Jr/Am Hunters and the Open Eq O/F 14-17.  They also lead the Championship Hunt Team by being the heart and soul of the Moo Crew ;)  But perhaps their biggest accomplishment was coming in 3rd in the very prestigious Open Eq Challenge Class.....they conquered a field of 77 riders of the very best professionals, jrs, and amateurs!
  • Kylie Hembree and Austintatious earned the Reserve Champ ribbon in a very large field of Low Chid/Adult jumpers and were Champions and the 3rd member of the Moo Crew on hunt teams!
  • Aubrey Canfield had to find a last minute mount on the wonderful horse Grainne and with very little time to get to know him was Reserve Champion in the Novice Eq O/F.  She also rode Kendra's Take Notice to the Reserve Championship in the Low Child/Adult Jumpers!!!
  • And finally Alyssa Roche came and competed on Cowboy.....mind you, it was only her 2nd horse show EVER....and she was Champion in both the walk/trot over rails and the walk/trot Eq!!!!
 Signature Horse Show.  Oct 8-9, 2011.  Showpark, Del Mar.
 Congrats to Kendra and Joey who earned 6 blue ribbons in the jumpers as well as a 3rd in a very hard work off in the flat medal.  They were also series circuit Champions for the Signature show series!!!
Aubrey and Ollie put in some of their best rounds thus far and ribboned well in all of their big hunter classes!
 Del Sol Horse Show.  Oct. 1-2, 2011.  Showpark, Del Mar.
  • Kylie and Austin are becoming a great team together!  They were Champions in the Low Child/AA Jumpers winning 3 out of the 4 classes!  They are also becoming much more competitive in the 3' jumpers getting a 2nd, some other great ribbons, and a 4th in the Stake! 
  • Kendra and Joey came and showed only on Sun but they still won 3 out of the 4 jumpers classes they rode in and were still Champion in the division!
  • Aubrey and Ollie are getting back in the swing of things after being away for a bit earning themselves two blues in some big classes!
 Showpark Summer Classic.  Aug 24-28

 July Signature and "A" show.  Showpark, Del Mar

  • Aubrey was able to borrow Kendra's wonderful "Joey" in the Low Child/Am Jumpers and did amazing taking multiple firsts and seconds along with the Championship ribbon!
  • Kendra also took Joey in the jumpers, but this time in the Childrens and she also took a blue as well as a 2nd in the Stake class and an 8th in the very competitive Flat Medal.
  • Amanda showed Felix at both the "A" and Signature show.  She was 1st in the Childrens hunters along with some great ribbons in the big medal classes.
  • Robyn joined us at the show for the first time on Razz and she did awsome!  A first in the maiden eq flat ( I guess she is no longer maiden!) as well as a Reserve Champion in the A/A Jumpers!
 THERMAL  2011!!!!
 GSDHJA Championship Horse Show.  Nov.  3-7, 2010.  
Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Congrats to all our riders on an excellent show year!
  • Carlee Roberts certainly ended her year well with her new horse Troy.  They were incredible at the show and in the grandstand especially considering that it is only Troy's first year showing!  They were Reserve Champion in the Open Eq 14-17 O/F out of a class of 40! 6th in the Jr/Am Hunter Classic.  But their biggest accomplishment was two excellent rounds in the GSDHJA 3' Medal and a flawless work off which earned them the Reserve Championship ribbon in this highly competitive and large class!  They seem ready to take on the 3'6 Medals next year!
  • Kendra Kutina and Joey got some excellent ribbons in the equitation classes, but of course shined in the jumper classes.  They were double clean and then lightening fast in the jump off to take the win and Championship ribbon in a class of 33!  This also earned them the overall year end championship in the Low child/AA Jumpers!
  • Staci Sanders and Jimmie were great in their equitation as well getting a 3rd and 5th in their flats and then getting the Reserve Champion in the grandstand in a very competitive class of 20+ entries!
  • Courtney Miller got a Reserve Champion on Mary Kate's horse Razz in her eq on the flat.  And also congrats to her for being Champion on Foxlair West's Hamilton in the Low A/A Hunter Classic.
  • Aubrey Canfield competed in her last show on her Ollie and had excellent rounds in her eq and hunters.  She was 4th out of 44 in her Limit Eq O/F, 4th out of 37 in her Novice Eq O/F, 5th out of 34 in the Low Child Hunter Classic, and several other great placings in some very large classes!
  • Mary Kate Marschke and Razz also had excellent placings in large classes and rode really well in the grandstand!  They were 3rd out of 22 in the Low Child U/S, 4th in the Child U/S, and 6th in the Pleasure Horses.
  • Amanda Moller brought a new mount to the show for fun and did excellent for only having ridden the horse a couple times!  She had a blast in the Take Your Own Line 3' and was still 4th despite a dropped rail....thats how fast she was!  8th out of 40 in the Open Eq O/F 14-17 and had the most beautiful round in the Open Eq Challenge and out of a class of 66 missed the top 15 cut off by only half a point!!!!
 Signature Horse Show - Oct 9-10.  Showpark, Del Mar.
Our riders were amazing this weekend.....I think we are more then ready for the Champ show!!!
  • Amanda and Felix are becoming pros at Medal Finals!  They were once again winners of a medal final by winning the Golden Horse Finals!  They had two great rounds and sealed the win with a great test.  They also managed to take the Reserve Champ ribbon in the Childrens Hunters even though they only rode in 2 out of the 4 classes along with the overall Signature series Reserve Champ in the division.
  • Kendra and Joey dominated winning 4 blues in jumpers and a blue in the Novice Eq flat.  All those wins earned them Champion in two jumper divisions this weekend and recieved a cooler for the overall Signature series Champion in the Low Childrens jumper division and Reserve Champ overall in the schooling jumper division.
  • Staci and Jimmie are definately starting to figure each other out.  They were 1st in the A/A u/s, took 3rd in the A/A Medal to qualify them for the finals, and always took great ribbons in their hunter classes.
  • Mary Kate and Razz had another great show always taking good ribbons in the hunters and putting in extremely solid rounds in the Foxcroft Medal Finals earning them 4th place.  Courtney also borrowed Razz for her eq o/f and took the blue ribbon in the class.
  • Aubrey had another solid show on Ollie taking lots of great ribbons in her hunters and 7th in the Foxcroft Medal Finals.

The pictures are here!!!!!

The pictures came out so great that we made a page on the website especially for them.....please check out our "beach photo shoot" page to see the incredible pictures from Kristina Chartier!!

These are just a sneak peek....more pics coming soon!!!

A Big Thanks To Everyone That Helped Wash And Wax The New Trailer!!!!!

We had a great time!  Everyone was soaking wet and had a tan by the end!

We will be traveling in style to out next show.

"Horses change lives.  They give our young people confidence and self esteem.  They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls - they give us hope!"

-Toni Robinson

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